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The Seasons of Wine Country

Wine Country is one of the few places in California that truly shows the seasons and there is never a bad time to visit!

The vines are typically pruned back in January so they are bare; and although it's 80 degrees out, it looks a bit like winter! This is their time for rest.

Spring is when you start to see bud break and the vines are growing slowly but surely to there full potential. Once the weather warms up however, the vines can grow an inch a day! You will then start to see blooms on the vines.

From bloom to fruit is rapid; grape berries are hard to the touch, green in color and enlarge quickly. Summer is when you can really see the grapes on the vines.

Fall is when the grapes are harvested. The leaves then start to turn color in October and brown around December. The cycle then begins again for a new year and a new vintage!

While the cycle for the vines is pretty consistent, the weather can cause bud-break and harvest to vary by up to a month!

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